Erich's application

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Erich's application

Post by mud on Thu Aug 03, 2017 3:21 pm

Name(Realistic German name):

Erich Mueller

Steam name: mudpuppy


Preferred Timezone (GMT/EST): any time is good for me
Previous Realism Experience: along time ago I use to play with the 29th but that was only trainings and that I've never really done any realism in this game

Reason for Joining: would be nice to start playing in a group and learn afew new things and try to get better at the game

Would you like to be in Machine Gunner or Rifleman Fire-team? id like to be in a rifleman fire-team if there is room


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Re: Erich's application

Post by Schreiber on Thu Aug 03, 2017 8:23 pm

Welcome to the 14th Wermacht!
you are now part of Gruppe 2 as a Rifleman at the rank of Sch├╝tze

Make sure to change your ingame name

to bind your name change to a key put this in your console

set input n setname Schtz. Mueller [14W]


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