Laffont's Application

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Laffont's Application

Post by Laffont on Tue Nov 07, 2017 3:53 am

Name(Realistic German name) : Hans Broknër

Steam name : {G.F.A} Cpt.Laffont

Age : 22

Preferred Timezone (GMT/EST) : GMT+1

Previous Realism Experience : I've played with Commando Kieffer, a french realism group, also in World War Open Games from Battlegroup 21 in Arma III.

Reason for Joining : Definitively, I want to join a realism group because I used to love this. Before I leave for Red Orchestra II competition (far from any realistic battle Laughing ), I used to play a lot on RO1, Darkest hour and even on Mare Nostrum, for the ones who remember !
I've following since a long time the 29th guys, but I don't want to integrate their group. There are too many people in this team, and you are !

Would you like to be in Machine Gunner or Rifleman Fire-team ? : Personally, I loved to play as a crew in a tank, especially the tank destroyer as a gunner.
But if I have to play in Rifleman Fire-team or in Machine Gunner team, it's ok.

Comments : As I said to Padams on Discord : " Hi ! So, I'm interested to join your team, but i've got a problem. I'm a student and i can only play during my vacations. Plus, i'm lacking english skills. My oral comprehension is good enough to play with a team, I can understand directives and orders but my oral expression is really bad I think. I'll try my best to gives any important information, and I think I'm able to do it, but i'm not confident if I have to describe with precision a particular position. Is that a problem for you ? "


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