Horsts Application

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Horsts Application

Post by Horst@MG-42 on Sat Jun 24, 2017 2:47 pm

Name(Realistic German name): Horst Rümmler

Steam name: Νάκκενγεσιχτ!

Age: 25

Previous Realism Experience: no Units, but I did some teamtanking (gunner/commander) with a mate in vanilla and the AB mod, played various FPS (even in ESL) and got tactical understanding (flanking, pinning, etc.)

Reason for Joining: I am looking forward to the new squad system in 8.0 and want to play with a team I can rely on. The 29th is playing US, but I prefer Axis.

Would you like to be in Machine Gunner or Rifleman Fire-team?
Hmm... MG42 would be nice, but I also like other supportive roles, like radio op, mortar obs, Panzerschreck, Pionier, etc. As I did some decent tanking back in vanilla (and some in DH), I would do some tank support, too. To be honest, tanking would be the best, but if this is infantery only, I am fine with that, too.

Comments: I am a native german speaker and a historian. If you have any questions regarding the language or need help with a translation, ask me. It's btw. "Schütze" and not "Shutze". Wink And before anyone asks: My fascination for the second world war is purely from a historic and technical point of view, I don't support the agendas of *any* extremist, be it political or religious.
My new headset should arrive soon.

Beste Grüße,

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Re: Horsts Application

Post by Schreiber on Sat Jun 24, 2017 3:07 pm


Welcome to the 14th Wehrmacht!
For now you are being put into the Tank Team as a Driver and rank of Schütze.
When you have been in that role for a week or so you may have the option to move to the gunner spot.

Make sure to change your ingame name

to bind your name change to a key put this in your console

set input n setname Schtz. Rümmler [14W]


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